What Makes a B2B Web Store Different than a B2C Store?

We’ve been saying it for years. Now it appears that the industry at large is echoing our sentiments. A business to business (B2B) web store is quite a different animal than a business to consumer (B2C) web store. There have been a number of...

The North49 Customer Portal now integrated with Sage Intacct and listed on the Sage Intacct Marketplace.

As a Sage Intacct Marketplace partner, North49’s Customer Portal seamlessly integrates with Sage Intacct’s best-in-class cloud financial management system, providing self-serve account access to Sage Intacct users’ customers.

The North49 Customer Portal is now a Sage Endorsed Solution

North49 is pleased to announce that the North49 Customer Portal is now a Sage Endorsed Solution for Sage 300cloud and is available directly from Sage.

Post Pandemic Business Landscape

Normal May Not Be So Normal

I want to preface this post by saying that our organization is in the business of helping our customers navigate processes and technology, both online and otherwise, to better manage their organizations. That may involve...

Improve Cash Flow, Reduce Overhead, Give Customers What They Want

It’s no secret that the way people shop has changed over the years and increasingly so more recently. Anyone who has shopped online has come to expect a certain level of service – this has now spilled over into our business lives.

eCommerce is Now the Lifeblood of the Business

eCommerce is LIFE in a Post-Pandemic World -  Having your business online isn’t an option anymore.

eCommerce Recommendation Engine – Personalizing Your Customers' Experience to Generate More Sales

Webstores are a must, now more than ever, and we’ve mentioned before how we don’t expect that to change. Recently we also addressed the Top 5.5 things that make a B2B Webstore Different. With this understanding, we now look a little bit closer at...

How Real-Time Reporting Impacts Your Business

64% of workers are now remote. Since March of 2020 that represents a 148% increase according to Netskope, a cyber security software publisher. According to McKinsey Digital, cloud-specific spending is expected to grow at more than six times the rate...

To Cloud or Not to Cloud: What’s Right for Your Business?

It seems like most of what we’ve been hearing from the tech world for the past several years is all about the Cloud. From our smart devices storing our pictures in the Cloud to Cloud applications or SaaS (software as a service). Including...

Facilitating WFH (Working From Home) for Professionals

The New York Post recently reported that Microsoft will allow employees to stay remote permanently. The software giant has reportedly told its employees to feel free to work from home…forever, even when its offices open back up.